Jindrich Nejedly Wedding Photographer

“I want to create beautiful legacy for you and your family. Timeless photographs you will love and cherish in every moment of your life.”

As a husband and father of two kids, I love to capture emotions of real life and beauty of the wedding day. I believe that every wedding is original and once-in-a-lifetime experience, which gives me only one chance to create beautiful photographs that will bring you back to your wedding day every time you look at them.

My photography obsession started in my early twenties. Right from the beginning I focused on capturing real life moments and portraits, especially in street and documentary photography, I have mastered the craft of black and white film photography and darkroom techniques. After my first weddings captured on film, I switched to digital that allowed me to combine documentary with fashion style.

In 2012 I got married and in 2013 together with my wife founded Photo Nejedli, a team of husband and wife wedding photographers. After five successful years of shooting as a couple, I became eager to give clients even more personal approach and started my own brand.

I am known for my love to share the knowledge and I has been teaching other photographers in individual courses and seminars. I teach others to see the light, to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and make any location work for wedding portraits.

What you can expect



Do you like my work? If I am available for your wedding date I will meet with you in person or via an online call so we can go through your wedding day plans and my photography services. We can discuss what kind of pictures you love the most and what services would fit your wedding day the best. Would you like to know if a pre-wedding session is right for you or if you need a second photographer? I will help you decide.




Booking and pre-wedding services

After booking your date I am there for you during the wedding preparations. I can recommends you other wedding professionals as coordinators, videographers, DJs etc., plan how much time you should reserve for photographing your wedding portraits and how to fit it into the wedding day seamlessly. We can plan your pre-wedding session, create save-the-date video presentation and  prepare a list of the groups of guest you definitely want to have individual portraits with.




The wedding

Your day. I will capture it right from the morning preparations, with my unique style, empathy for people and ability to capture the magic of the wedding day. I always have spare photography gear so you don’t need to worry about an accidentally broken camera or lens. Just enjoy the wedding day without any compromise!

For those who wants to experience something so unique and special, something that nobody, neither you nor your guests will never forget, I will prepare a wedding slideshow. Imagine yourself seeing your beautiful pictures already during the wedding evening. Lights are off, all you can feel is your partner sitting next to you and you hear your guests laughing and crying while watching the presentation that I prepared for you.


Delivering photos and album

Your wedding photos will be ready in a few weeks after the wedding. But to ease the waiting I will prepare a small sneak peak in 4 days after the wedding. It contains about 40-70 pictures so you can show it right away to your friends and colleagues. 

Every photo is individually processed so that it meets clear style of the wedding story. I will then help you choose the right photos for your wedding album. Every piece is custom made, do you like leather, or do you prefer metal plates or a wooden cover? Everything is possible, I work with one of the best wedding album producers in the world. I will also deliver stunning wall art and it is only up to you whether you prefer timeless deep matte fine art paper or modern acrilic form.