Jindra is a genuine MASTER amongst all the photographers out there!! I don’t even know where to start…He did such an amazing job with our wedding photos that even 6 months past the wedding we are still out of breath from not a only looking at those but also from the whole experience on our Big Day. This guy is a real professional with so sooo much talent and energy. We knew we wanted Jindra as our photographer from the first time we spoke (it was just via FaceTime as we are based in London). We gave hime a steer of what we wanted from the Day and left the rest entirely on him. We had an evening outdoor ceremony and I didn’t want to spend much time on the photo shoot. And omg - he made the most incredible photos in the dark! He also made us so relaxed and comfortable from the first time he arrived to the venue, we had so much fun during our preparations and all the way through the wedding! I still see him running and jumping around us with all his lights and equipment, with this insane energy that has completely blown away not just us but also all our guests. We are still receiving so many compliments and comments Jindro!! :) You have captured all the memories, they are so live, all the emotions and spirit of the Big Day is captured in every single photo you made. We really are honored and forever grateful for your outstanding work!! Thank you SO MUCH!! With love, Lucie & David PS: If you are looking for a wedding photographer stop right here, you won’t find anyone better!

Lucy & David


To choose Jindra as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions in 2022. We were so happy and lucky that Jindra was available during our wedding date. Jindra speaks English which was extremely helpful and important for our international wedding. His work ethic and dedication to photography is reflected in his amazing results. He created beautiful memories for our wedding day. During our wedding, Jindra presented first photos to us and our family and all wedding guests were impressed by that. Highly recommend to choose Jindra as your wedding photographer as he’s brilliant photographer and great person.

Kaja & Sam


My wife (girlfriend back then) and me first saw Jindrich in action at a wedding of a friend several years ago. We were so impressed, that when we started to plan the wedding, we looked no further. Jindrich is the best wedding photographer ever. Period. He and his team worked tirelessly throughout the whole wedding day and night. He is extremely creative with his photos and he is really able to capture all the best moments. He is also really passionate about it, one can clearly see that it's not just a job for him (during our engagement photoshoot, we had to stop after several hours because we were just done and he was still full of energy :D). And he has a great personality, having Jindrich at our wedding felt like having an old friend there with the added bonus of producing amazing photos. It felt like he belonged there, especially at the party. So, if you're looking for a photographer for your wedding, you just found him. Btw, Jindrich speaks very good English as well, really useful for international weddings.

Simone & Oleg


I met Jindra through work and since then, I was dreaming he would be my wedding photographer one day. And I can't feel more lucky that he was! Me and my husband had a few opportunities for a photoshoot with Jindra before our big day which was surely beneficial because he got to know us and we got to know him. Seeing Jindra at the wedding then was like meeting a friend of ours who he actually is. His superpowers make people feeling relaxed when being photographed, even those who don't like when anybody is taking pictures of them. Jindra is a true professional who naturally creates a friendly relationship with adults, kids, and dogs, too. You should hear his excellent barking! Moreover, he switches from Czech to English and vice versa with no troubles which you appreciate when the groom is American. Every guest of our wedding spoke highly about Jindra and his work and everybody enjoyed his company without even noticing he was taking photos sometimes. And the results? Our wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous, a magical memory of the best ever moments is visible in each one of them and I can't stop going through them over and over and over again. If you are looking for the wedding photographer, Jindra is certainly the one.

Lucy & Martin


To find a photographer who spoke English, knew Brno as a local, and acknowledged every request we had was such a relief for our special day. Jindrich was professional and friendly from day one all the way until we received our beautiful wedding album. Even his assistant that he brought on our wedding day was funny and a great addition to our group. We have lovely photos getting ready, from our hotel, the ceremony, and both group photos and couple photos after the ceremony. I have absolutely zero complaints and highly recommend Jindrich's services.

Alisa & Egor


I remember that evening when me and my then fiancé were looking for a photographer of our upcoming wedding. We had gone through tens photographers, looking at their portfolios, some of them of poor quality, some of them “ok, but nothing special”, some of them like from a Vogue magazine - fantastic pictures but somehow artificial, without a soul, cold in content... Then we were scrolling down Jindřich’s work. I was flabbergasted! The photos were so beautiful! Absolutely stunning quality. And what’s more, they were radiating the unique atmosphere of each wedding, the special moments, the love, joy, nervousness, excitement, ... Each photo was telling us a story about each couple and their guests. And even when it was raining, Jindřich made it an advantage and created fantastic shots. Our decision was made - Jindřich would be the perfect photographer for our big day! We were lucky that Jindřich was available on our date. We appreciated the possibility of pre-wedding shooting, because we could meet in person, tell him our plan of our wedding day, and most importantly, see the way Jindřich works. Later on, on our big day this was such a relief, because we could feel relaxed and knew what to expect from the shooting, and what kind of person Jindřich is (and he’s fantastic!). And as a bonus, we had lovely pre-wedding photos! On our wedding day, Jindřich and his team arrived on time (they had spent over two hours on the way from Brno) and got the ball rolling. Photos of the morning preparations, the ceremony, the family and friends, just the two of us, the party, ... nothing was missed. Jindřich and his team were absolutely marvellous! Many of our guests were telling us, how great they were, especially Jindřich, because he was just so easy-going, always positive, and still very professional, doing a great job by giving clear instructions (for group shooting) and being practically invisible (when capturing the ceremony or during the party). Moreover, he was brilliant with small kids and could make them smile and laugh in the camera. He made us all feel relaxed and I’m sure that he contributed greatly to the smooth flow of the day. When we received the photos, they were just stunning! Every single piece was a pure beauty. The play of light, the expressions in everyone’s face, small details we hadn’t even noticed, … We do not only have beautiful photos, but each time we look at them, we are literally taken back to our wedding day and we can truly recall the feelings and atmosphere. A few months later, we decided to do a family shooting with my parents and my brother’s family. This time we visited Jindřich in his studio in Brno. He organised a make-up artist and a hairdresser for us and made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. Again, the photos came out very beautiful and we love looking at them. We are very happy to have met Jindřich. Not only we have our beautiful memories captured in fantastic photos, but we’ve also found a wonderful person, who Jindřich is. If you are looking for a photographer, you cannot find anyone better! Thank you, Jindřich, for everything!

Lucie & Petr


Contracting Jindra as our wedding photographer was one of the best decisions we made (apart from getting married, of course ?). I've seen his work and himself "in action" before so we didn't need to think twice. Jindra gladly took on the challenge to document our international wedding. He had no troubles switching between Czech and English and giving clear guidance in both languages. His presence in the most intimate moments was not disturbing at all while he didn't hesitate to join the partying crowd on the dancefloor later. I couldn't imagine a non-boring group photo shooting but we had literally so much fun! He makes everyone feel relaxed and brings smiles to their faces. Beware - his energy and enthusiasm are contagious! He captured very special emotions throughout the day and I was not the only one crying tears of joy when he surprised us with a breathtaking same-day slideshow in the evening. While there are many important ingredients to a perfect wedding day, a professional, creative and reliable photographer is essential as he helps preserve the unique memories that will be cherished forever. And you cannot go wrong with Jindra!

Liduska & Rodolfo


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