Summer noon wedding portraits

It was a beautiful summer noon and with Sandra and Pavel I was on a way to the center of Brno to take a few after wedding portraits.

Sandra and Pavel had their wedding at vineyards of the Vinice Hnanice winery a few weeks before and I can say that we had a great time that day. I love that place and every time I'm there it's a great day full of amazing pictures. And it was no different with these two.

Even despite the fact we had already a lot of portraits, we've decided to create even more, this time in different environment. So a few weeks after the wedding we took a camera and headed to get the most out of sunny summer weather. Since we wanted to have photos full of sunshine so it was perfect.

Right now you might probably say that we should have waited for the sunset or don't shoot at noon, but you know what, we all really love the sun and we already had a lot of wedding photographs with cloudy sky from the vineyard, so we were not afraid of create under conditions that are not exactly according a photography handbook. And honestly I thing you would not guess where we created the first pictures of that day. At the parking lot! And it was outstanding!

We really had a blast during this shooting and we created a bunch of timeless pictures. See for yourself.

And if you would love to have similar wedding photos in Brno, call me and we will find a way.

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