Wedding portraits tips & tricks

We all want to have beautiful wedding photographs, right? But still a lot of us are a little bit nervous of standing in front of the camera.
Don't worry, it is only natural, we are not professional models who know what to do. Continue reading and you will find some tips and tricks how to enjoy the shooting and have stunning photos of yourself.

Get closer

Tip number one. Couple photos are about you as a couple. Enjoy the time together while shooting, if you are nervous about the camera, try to forget about it. Feel the presence of your partner, take a look in his eyes and whole awkwardness will be gone. 
It's about you two together. Hold each other and get closer. Even closer. Like real close. Enjoy the moment and don't be stiff, use your hands to caress each other, whisper in each other ears, what you love about each other. Smile, it's the best thing you can do. And bend your knee. You wouldn't believe how much it allows you to be as close to each other as possilbe. And it looks better in the photographs.
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Curves and shoulders

Women, you are beautiful human beings and you all deserve to look your best in the photographs. Remember one thing, curves are sexy and they define female form. If you just stay straight and face the photographer, you will look your widest. Turn and twist a little bit, bend your knee, move your hips and breath in fully. It all can make you look even sexier.
Guys, it doesn't apply to you. What makes male form to look more cool are chest and shoulders. Bend your knee as well, lean towards to a camera a little bit, your shoulders and chest will look bigger, your tummy smaller and that is what we all want, isn't it?
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Act like it's the last time

Be passionate. It easy to just stay next to each other with closed eyes and foreheads touching , but it's kind of boring. Even if you are in that position, be passionate, move a little bit. Remember the moment before your first kiss when you wanted to kiss each other but it took you a second or two to really do it. That is perfect moment, kissing usually doesn't look the best in the photos, but those moments right before are gold.
Act like it's your last time. Don't just lay your hands on each other. Hold tight and enjoy every moment.  
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Trust your photographer

There are so many posing tips I could teach you, but it might be counterproductive. All of you will choose the wedding photographer whose photos you love the most. And each photographer has his own style. Trust him, let him/her be your guide because he is the only one who could do the photos you fell in love with for you.
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Be yourself

Last but not least. Be yourself and communicate with your photographer, what you love and what you don't like. Show him, which wedding photos are the one you love the most in his portfolio and tell him why. If you have any doubts, tell him. After the shooting it will be too late.
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