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A little bit of everything - season 2021


It has been a pretty long time since my last post and I have a lot of photos and weddings to show you and memories to share. 

But for today allow me to start with a different topics. Last couple of months I got a lot of questions about gear that I'm using. 

Especially one topic is coming back over and over. So let's talk about that. But before I start about the gear, let start with a wedding inspiration for brides. Wedding inspiration from Westwing.



Westwing forest wedding inspiration


OK, who like the idea of having a forest wedding? Very popular last couple of years, I must admit.

Have you been thinking about saying Yes to your partner in a forest? If so, you might want to check this Westwing post, where you can find a lot of inspiration (unfortunately czech language only).

How to plan a forest wedding, 15 things you want to consider if you want to get married in a forest and also some DIY tips and trick.




Plus there is a short interview with me so if you want to know what I think about a wedding photography, go ahead and check that post.

And big thanks to Westwing team for the opportunity to share my story.



Now let's get to the gear stuff, I want to go through two topics. If you are not a photographer, feel free to skip the rest.


Think Tank Photo


Backpacks and camera cases are not exactly the most popular pieces of photographer's equipment to talk about. But for those who travel with a lot of gear, it is crucial to have a case that won't break on the first photoshoot, because you put a lot of strobes and accessories inside.

You have plenty of options and I could mention couple of brands I trust, but there is one I use for several years, I love it and it is not widely spread here in Czech republic.



Sometimes I feel like a megalomaniac. But honestly I needed a big bag for my gear, especially for corporate photoshoots. And since I’ve been a huge fan of Think Tank bags and cases and my Airport International is the best camera case I’ve ever had, I decided to buy the biggest Think Tank case - Production Manager 50.


I know I know, it sound’s boring, but when I first got it, my children were thrilled. It’s so huge, they both could fit in :)


think tank production manager 50


For all of you who might want to think about this bag, spoiler alert. When it’s fully loaded, it’s heavy. And I mean HEAVY.  But I can fit in exactly what I need. 

Tip: Two big strobes, three smaller ones, four tripods (C-stand as well), several softboxes, reflectors,  adapters, filters…. it really can fit whatever you can possibly think of.



So if you really need a case in which you can pack almost your whole photo studio, check Production Manager, it is perfect. I purchase mine at Darian.


And now let's get to the last topic. The one that has interested you the most last years.


Nikon Z


Last but not least. Switching from DSLR to mirrorless system. Huge topic among photographers as well as discussion over Sony vs. Canon vs. Nikon.

A lot of photographers have been asking me about it for last 12 months. So here is my honest opinion and if you are a photographer and you want to know where I stand, keep reading. 

You might know that I’ve been a Nikon shooter for 16 years. I loved my DSLRs, the colours and contrast I got from them were perfect and I’ve never had any real issues.



But when almost all of my colleagues switched to Sony mirroless cameras I was tempted to switch too. Not to Sony, because even though they are great cameras, they never felt right in my hands (I had a chance to photograph with A7III and A9 both first and second generation several times).

When Nikon introduced their first Nikon Z models, I was disappointed by one card slot and by not so great focusing system. But Nikon worked hard and when the second Z generation was announced I knew I will buy that one. And I did, one of each Z7II and Z6II plus I sold almost all of my dslr lenses to buy the new Z ones. I love those lenses so much, guys, it is different world.


But I want to be totally honest, it’s not just sunshine and rainbows. Even though I shoot 85% of wedding pictures with Z system and I would not like the idea to go back on DSLR, there is still a space for improvement. Yeah, Sony and Canon autofocusing is still better, but what I find the most annoying is responsiveness of the mirrorless systems.

If you are used to look in the viewfinder and be able to shoot right away, you might be confused that with mirrorless you have to wait a few miliseconds.

Is it a big deal? For most photographers no, not at all. For me? Yeah, it is something I have to think about all the time and honestly I had to change my behaviour a little bit, because to switch between two cameras means you will lose a lot more moments than with DSLR. And I'm not talking just about the Nikon, in my experience Sony is even slightly worse in that matter. 



You know nothing is perfect but I would still choose mirrorless system before the DSLR for my wedding work any time, because the focusing and other aspects of this technology outweigh it's weak points.

But don't worry, the responsiveness will be improved. I already had a new Nikon Z9 for a couple of hours and there is no lack at all. It feels like having an DSLR optical viewfinder again. And it feels great. It will definitely help to capture more interesting moments again.



And I think I can cut it here. Maybe I will write more gear blogs in the future, who knows. Right now, I'm excited about the Z9, but still it's just a gear. So we will see.

Next time a new wedding post. Stay tuned, I have some amazing pictures to share ;)


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