Intimate wedding at Obelisk Winery Valtice




When I’m looking at the photos, I can feel it again, summer time. With a gentle breeze and temperature not as high as expected I was looking at my bride and groom holding hands and smiling all the time. They were so much in love! It’s 2020 and we are at a wedding at the Obelisk Winery to enjoy the day and hopefully for a moment not to think about covid. We are here to create something beautiful.


Let’s talk about the Obelisk Winery for a moment, because it is really an amazing place and by itself it defines what your wedding will look like. When driving around, you might miss this place, that is how unobtrusive it looks. The building is sensitively set into the landscape of the Valtice area that even though its concrete skeleton it fits neatly into the whole surrounding. And from a ground floor with its glass walls you can see all the vineyards around.


landscape viewed from window


From my wedding photographer's point of view, the Obelisk Winery is a perfect place for a wedding. Plenty of space around the building as well as inside and through the glass walls you can see what is happening.


TIP - Imagine that you are having a good time with other wedding guests outside, sitting on grass, having a glass of wine and you’re still aware of what is happening inside on a dance floor. Perfect.


I could write you even more about the winery and its wines, but I think it is better to take a look at an Obelisk's website. The whole story behind - it’s philosophy, wine-making tradition, it’s worth spending a few minutes.




I love the South Moravia region, I shoot quite of a few weddings there every year. To be honest most of them are big weddings with a lot of wedding guests but sometimes I’m lucky to capture a small elopement where me and a cameraman are the only guests.



This 2020 year changed a lot also in the wedding industry. In a time when it is not possible to have a big celebration, more and more clients are happy for the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful day just by themselves and without complicated planning. And it was kind of similar in this case.


Wedding ceremony was planned for the time right after a sunset and we had a whole day to enjoy beautiful weather and a wine tasting. No rush. We all wanted to create a lot of beautiful photos and video that will show to everyone, how amazing the day was. The whole Obelisk Winery gave us a lot of opportunities to create extraordinary imagery and the wedding ceremony itself was an icing on the cake.



I hope you will love the photos and a final video of my colleague Marek as much as I do. I want to thank the whole team who helped us to prepare the decorations.

And for all of you who are thinking about a small wedding or elopement or even you want to have one, go for it. It is as beautiful to spend time just you two together as to enjoy the wedding day with your families. In the end it is just up to you what you prefer.


Have a great time, guys, and hopefully see you some day at the Obelisk Winery. 


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Venue: Obelisk Winery

Planner: AV Your Day

Wedding dress: Caxa

Florals: AMMI

Videography: Marek Horava

Makeup: Simona Buchtova

Sweetbar: Neco Sladkeho

Decorations: Svitici Pismena

Jewelry: Alove

Stationary: Goldpress

Violin for the ceremony: Arte pet tutti

Photo gear: Fotoeshop



P.S. If you want to see another stunning wedding at the Obelisk, check out this Sunset wedding at Obelisk Winery.



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