9 tips on how to choose a wedding photographer


9 tips on how to choose a wedding photographer


With the most wedding vendors, you have a pretty clear idea of ​​what you are buying. You see the decorations in advance, you can smell the bouquet and even touch the wedding dress to see if the fabric is pleasant to touch. However, you can't hold your wedding photos before the wedding, you will not taste them, nor can you listen to them. And yet they are one of the few things you will have left of the wedding. That is why it is important to spend some time on choosing a wedding photographer, his professional skills and artistic style. Follow these 9 steps to help you choose the best wedding photographer.


bride and groom in the dark church during prague wedding


1) Settle on a photography style


When choosing a wedding photographer, you basically have two options to start your research. Either from the personality of the photographer or according to the style of the wedding photos. The second option is more common, so I'll start with that.

Before looking directly for a photographers’ websites, try to think about which style of the photos you prefer. Do you like muted dark toning, soft pastel shades or natural colors and contrast? Get inspired! Spend some time on viewing photos on Pinterest or Instagram, mark which photos are closest to you and make your own online mood board of the most popular ones. Suddenly you will see which types of photos attract you the most.

Each photographer has their own style, different editing and it is a good idea to start the whole selection process according to what you like. If beautiful portraits are what you want to hang on the wall after your wedding, contact a photographer who takes such photographs. Remember that you don't necessarily need to narrow in on one style in particular, since many wedding photographers can do a blend of portraiture and documentary shots. But if there's a special style you love, make sure to focus on photographers who specialize in it.


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2) Do your homework


If you have agreed on a style, you can start looking for a photographer. A combination of googling, browsing wedding blogs and discussions is one of the many ways to start. Contact other wedding suppliers that you know and trust - a wedding planner, a wedding venue or a florist. Everyone will be happy to recommend a photographer they know to be reliable professional. Ask also your friends for experience.


Then carefully review potential photographer’s websites and blogs, look for the types of photos you want, if the photographer can capture the moments that are important to you. At the same time, don't forget to focus on photos from different parts of the wedding day, in different environments and under different weather conditions. It is good to know that for your wedding in a luxury city hotel, you choose a photographer who can take photos in such environment. It would not be wise to pick a random photographer who is used to photographing only in the nature. Check out their Facebook and Instagram, if possible. How does the photographer respond and interact with his/her followers, do they seem friendly and personable? You get the idea. 


TIP - don’t limit yourself to photographers from your area and don’t be afraid to look for a professional from the other side of the country. If he’s really good, an extra travel cost will be a relatively small amount in the price


wedding portrait of bride with a long curly hair and groom in black blazer at Hluboka wedding


3) Find referrals


Once you have selected several photographers, look for the reviews from their previous clients. Whether it's referrals on Facebook or Google, mentions in various wedding discussions, they can all give you an idea how the photographer works. Dozens of satisfied reviews from various sources will give you a good idea if this is the right photographer for you.


4) Set up the inverviews


This is not a decision that can be made on looks alone. Reach out to the photographers and ask them for a personal meeting or, if this is not possible due to time constraints or a great distance, for an online meeting. Personal contact is always the best way to discuss exactly what you want from your wedding photographs. Talk to the photographer about what interests you the most about their work and what kind of wedding you are planning. Discuss the whole wedding day, what is most important to you and your family. Every professional will be happy to go through the details with you and will be happy to advise you based on their experience.


Don't be upset if they recommend another photographer instead, even this can happen, if they feel that you expect something a little different from your wedding photos than they could give you. Even a photographer is just a human being, they can be an introvert or an extrovert, and if they know you're looking for the exact opposite, they should tell you that.


wedding guest crying while hugging the bride at mlyn vodnika slamy wedding


TIP - if possible, go to a personal meeting together with your partner. Of all the wedding vendors, the photographer will definitely spend the most time with you, so both of you should feel relaxed with them next to you


5) See a few whole wedding albums


Already during the survey, it is good to look for a photographer who shows wedding galleries of, for example, 100 or more photos, not just the 2 to 3 best images. However, even the larger galleries usually have only a fraction of the final albums. Therefore, ask the photographer in a personal meeting if he could show you what the whole wedding album looks like. Take the time to go through them carefully in detail, whether it's in an online gallery or a printed wedding album. At the same time, don't be afraid to ask the photographer for their comments, so you can then get another idea of how the photographer thinks about the wedding, what is important to them and if their view is similar to yours.


women and man dancing at the wedding party in Vienna


6) Ask about your rights


Find out the possible conditions of use, do you get high-resolution photos without a watermark, which you will be able to print yourself at any time? Or only digital proofs are included and for prints and albums you have to pay extra? Or will you be able to share photos without the watermark on your social profiles? Many things that you may think are granted, may not be clear. So don't be afraid to ask.


7) Ask about postproduction details


The selection is slowly coming to an end. You have seen whole wedding albums, you like the portfolio and the photographer’s approach is similar to yours. 

Now go through the wedding collections. Ask how many photos you get in total, how many will be edited, will be in colour or black and white, and if the retouching is included. It is good to know everything in advance so that you are not surprised after the wedding that, for example, small skin retouches are not included and you have to pay extra for them.


portrait of a bride under the veil


8) Choose printed products and services


This part is often forgotten but I highly recommend not to skip it, even if you want only your digital files. Why? I know from experience that many clients who didn’t want a wedding album, often completely changed their minds after holding Italian albums in quality that is unmatched by anything produced in our country. Unfortunately, only a few Czech wedding photographers offer similar quality products. It is the same with wall art.


If you want a truly unique product, it is good to ask the photographer whether they can provide it to you. Many manufacturers of such products do not give the possibility of direct ordering by brides and grooms and they produce only for photographers. Therefore, if you decide for a luxury album after the wedding, it is quite possible that the best offers will not be available if you haven’t asked for it at the beginning.


luxury Italian wedding album in gold white colours


It is kind of similar with photography ​​services. Would you like to have a photo booth? Or do you want to experience a unique projection of a same-day slideshow of your wedding photos during the evening at the wedding? It is a really unique and unforgettable experience when you can enjoy the first moment of seeing your wedding photos right at the wedding with all your guests around you. It is good to ask if the photographer offers such an option.


bride and groom at the wedding ceremony with wedding guest around


9) Consider the price range


How much does a wedding photographer cost? What is the price of the wedding photos? These are some of the most frequently asked questions, but they are often not so much important, especially if you are planning a wedding once in a lifetime and your wedding photography is as important to you as the whole wedding.


The price of a wedding photographer in the Czech Republic for a full-day coverage ranges from 300 EUR all the way up to 4.500 EUR. Unfortunately, no one can tell you how much you should invest in photos, it's entirely up to you, only you know how important the memories are to you.


However, it is useless to wonder why the photographer takes some price while another one asks for a double or a triple, even when the photos look similar to you. It is like with the cars. Even an old car for 1.500 EUR will probably take you to your destination just like BMW for 100.000 EUR. The difference is what kind of experience you will have and whether you will want to experience it again.


For season 2022, the price for a full-day wedding coverage in the Czech Republic could be divided roughly into 4 categories:


up to 700 EUR - beginners and photographers, who usually have a second job or the weddings are not their expertise, the quality varies a lot, you will find beautiful photos, but also those that you will not put on your wall


700 - 1600 EUR - an experienced photographer who should provide you with a nice experience and photos that you will be happy to look at


1600 - 2500 EUR - a professional who has been proven for years, who can do something extra, has unique photos, offers you quality and luxurious products, professional customer service and thanks to their experience they know exactly what will happen at a wedding before it happens. Last but not least, after the wedding, you will hear an incredible amount of praise from your guests that they have never experienced such an excellent and human photography approach.


2500 EUR + - the same as in previous range, just focusing more on the most expensive Czech and international weddings, professional service should be guaranteed, as well as the offer of luxury products


However, as always, there are exceptions in all categories.


smiling bride and groom next two each other with their forehead touching


Remember that whoever you choose in the end is up to you. It's a purely subjective decision of how much you want your photos to stand out.


I wish you all to find the best photographer, so in 40 years, when you show your wedding album to your grandchildren, the photos will remind you of how you felt the moment you looked into each other's eyes and knew that you want to spend the rest of your lives next to each other.



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