Katy and Mike's dream wedding in Prague




Katy and Mike's wedding in Prague was one of the most logistically challenging yet incredible experiences in recent years; Katy and Michael were simply unique, vibrant, and incredibly natural in front of the lens and we created some of my most favourite images all the season.

I really had a blast at this Prague wedding, no questions about that.


bride and groom behind the table at wedding reception in Prague


The stunning autumn weather lent the entire celebration a near-summer vibe, with the sun shining brightly, allowing us to bask in a relaxed atmosphere from early morning.

Our day began by stopping at Mike and Katy's home to greet the groom and capture some moments during his morning preparations.

Katy awaited us at the Pytloun boutique hotel, from where we proceeded to the Old Town Square and the magnificent Church of St. Nicholas, where the ceremony took place.


wedding ceremony at church of st. Nicolas in Prague


A Ceremony to Remember


The ceremony was a perfect blend of romance and bursts of laughter, creating a memorable atmosphere. Immediately afterward, we had a few minutes to capture portraits inside the church. Unfortunately, time was scarce, as we had to hurry to leave the church promptly due to a scheduled concert.


bride and groom prague wedding in church of st. Nicolas


black and white portrait of bride and groom in Prague


Strolling Through the Old Town


Embracing the spirit of Katy and Mike's preferences, we chose to extend the magic of the Old Town by strolling through its enchanting streets. This historic part of Prague is known for its timeless charm and unique ambiance. Amidst the cobblestone alleys we seized the opportunity to capture some candid moments as well as to stop for a while and enjoy a bottle of prosecco.


bride and groom in the streets of Old Town Prague


Cruise with a Prague Castle panorama


The meandering path eventually led us to the banks of the Vltava river and as the sun cast its warm glow over the water, we embarked on a cruise, with the iconic Charles Bridge and Prague Castle providing a breathtaking panorama. I must confess, I didn't expect dancing to become a notable highlight during a significant portion of the entire cruise. However, it did, and the atmosphere was amazing.


Charles Bridge and Vltava river in Prague


Dancing the Night Away


After docking at Občanská Plovárna, a reception and subsequent party ensued – and it was well worth it! Both Katy and Mike knew how to navigate the dance floor, and everyone else followed suit, making the party divine.


bride and groom next to the National Theater in Praue


As daylight waned, we took a quick detour to capture some photos of Katy and Mike at their favorite boats on the Vltava river near the National Theatre. And after that the celebration continued until the early hours.


Prague wedding party


It truly was one of my most favourite weddings and I can’t wait to share the photos with you right now. Let me know which are your top ones; I have like billions of loved pictures in this gallery.

If you would love to have similar photos from your wedding and me by your side, let me know. 

your Prague wedding photographer



P.S.: Last but not least, thank you all who helped plan and organize this Prague wedding of Katy and Mike; I can’t wait to see you all again.

Ceremony: Saint Nicolas Church, Prague

Reception: Obcanska Plovarna

Videographer JAN Films

Dress Svatební centrum Adina

Visage Adriana Martišková

Koordinace Andrea Žert

Hairstyling Lukáš Fibinger

Florals Miri Flowers Art

Morning preparation Pytloun boutique hotel Prague

DJ Tim Otis