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Lucy and David's wedding at Obelisk Winery in Czech Republic is one of the coolest weddings I've ever photographed. Period.




It's spring 2020, a beautiful day in May and not a cloud in the sky. The sun is shining, but thankfully it's not so hot yet that it would drawn you to the shade.

I'm arriving for the first time to Obelisk Winery, beautiful venue at South Moravia at Valtice, not knowing that it will soon be among my top 3 wedding venues in the Czech Republic.


wedding ceremony at obelisk winery valtice czech republic


Within the first few moments I'm blown away by the design, the minimalism, the open space and the simple and civil setting of the building in the landscape.

I immediately imagine what it must be like here at a big wedding, with people chatting outside in front of the building while everyone else partying inside on the dance floor.


luxury wedding rings Prague


The concrete-glass structure makes it possible to watch, what's happening inside and outside at the same time, and you feel part of the action even though you have an incredibly open space.


wedding dress at obelisk winery valtice czech republic jindrich nejedly photography





Stop for a moment and try to imagine this.

It's the morning before the ceremony, you're sitting outside in the air, enjoying breakfast and coffee while looking out over the vineyards and the nearby sun-drenched hills of the Pálava.

It's quiet, you don't hear the hustle and bustle of the city or the cars passing by, just the discussion of your loved ones who are there with you.


bride and groom during a wedding ceremony at obelisk winery at valtice czech republic jindrich nejedly prague wedding photographer


During the ceremony the sun warms your back while you look into your partner's eyes and feel the pleasant breeze playing with the birch branches. You know you will remember this moment forever. The little things that we used to take for granted, you notice them all now.


bride and groom holding hands


The gentle holding hands, the smile on your lips, the feeling that tears are slowly but surely welling up in your eyes and you really want to stop them.

But you know you won't be able to do that anyway, so you blink, look away, rub your eyes. And while your friends are smiling at you at that moment, your parents are pulling out tissues and wondering why the time flies so fast.


wedding ceremony at obelisk winery at valtice in Czech Republic Jindrich Nejedly Prague photographer


Together with your loved ones, you're enjoying your meal and watching the sun lits the ubiquitous vineyards. Maybe it's evening and you're chatting with friends, glass of wine in your hand, while looking through a glass wall at the last rays of sunlight over Valtice.

And you know that this is exactly how you imagined it, this is your wedding day and you wouldn't change a thing about it. It's perfect.


wedding first dance at obelisk valtice


You're at the Obelisk Winery and you have a whole night ahead of you to enjoy to the fullest with family and friends.




Guys, I don't think I'll ever find the words to describe the fact of how much looking at the wedding photos get me back to those moments on the wedding day.

As I scroll through the gallery a little further down, it's like watching Lucy and David standing in front of the Obelisk again, hand in hand, on that glorious summer day a year and a half after my first visit to this beautiful place.

I can try to write as much as I want here and I'm still missing the right words.


bride and groom at destination czech republic wedding at obelisk winery jindrich nejedly photographer




I didn't see Lucy and David in person until the morning of the wedding. As they are both busy and live in London, we "only" saw each other online. But from our first conversation, I was thrilled with Lucy's idea.

She wanted a sunset ceremony at the Obelisk Winery and she wanted to see David for the first time when her dad would be leading her to the ceremony.


bride walking down the aisle obelisk valtice jindrich nejedly photographer


So most of the wedding was to take place at night, when the party would be in it's full swing. For my part, I love scenarios like that, I might say almost to the point where I'm a little sorry they're not more prevalent here.




But to be completely honest - wedding where the ceremony is planned for around sunset and the fiancés don't want to see each other before the ceremony, has its own specifics.

There usualy won't be time for bride and groom portraits and family photos before the evening and night time, which might not work for everyone.


bride and groom at obelisk winery wedding in valtice in czech republic jindrich nejedly photography


But you know what? It didn't matter a bit. When the clouds showed up at the end of the ceremony, completely blocking out the sun before we even started shooting, we created that golden hour atmosphere, so we had what we wanted. And shooting in the evening and in the dark has its indescribable charm, everything is more intimate, calmer, you just focus on the feelings and subtle details.


bride and groom at obelisk winery




Moreover, Lucy, David and I agreed that we shouldn't waste too much time on the photo shoot, so 20 minutes and we were done with photos and video. And immediately after the dinner and the party had started.

And it was THE PARTY. Take a look below and you'll see this was really a night to remember.


wedding party at obelisk winery valtice jindrich nejedly photography


I have to thanks to the CM-DUR dulcimer band, who started the first dance, and to David for bravely continue with the party atmosphere as a DJ. I didn't want to leave even at three in the morning.

We were constantly dancing one song after another, one hit followed by another and partying like hell. This was incredible and as I like to say, for a wedding photographer it is a terrible shame to end taking the pictures as night falls.

After all, the best fun, when your friends and often also family are starting to enjoying the night, doesn't usually happen before 10pm.




And a few numbers at the end to let you know, if Obelisk Winery has also the right capacity for your wedding. You can seat easily 106 wedding guests for served food.

If you have extra friends joining you for the evening, it's no problem at all. There's plenty of room at the bar too. 


obelisk winery wedding reception table setup


Accommodation is available in 4 double rooms, for other wedding guests it is possible to arrange accommodation in the nearby Valtice city, all within a few minutes drive.

Simply put, whether you are planning a smaller or larger wedding in South Moravia, love wine and enjoy peace and quiet, you should definitely visit the Obelisk Winery.




You can either have a civil ceremony at Obelisk, or, if you prefer a Catholic ceremony, there is a baroque chateau chapel or the beautiful Nanebevzetí Panny Marie church in Valtice. Both just a 5 minutes drive. 


catholic wedding ceremony at valtice


And that's probably the end of today's story about the amazing place Obelisk Winery and the wedding of Lucy and David. If you're wondering how Lucy and David felt about the whole photography experience, check out their testimonial video below.  

I was totally blowed away when they sent me that.



And definitely take a look at the amazing video of Michal Šteflovič, who was there with me that day taking a video footage.



Final tip: ask your guests and vendors not to park their cars directly in the Obelisk parking lot, but to park under the trees. As you scroll through the photos, you'll see it's better that way.


Last but not least, if you want to see more photos from Obelisk Winery, take a look at this intimate micro wedding

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Video Michal Steflovic

Florals Martina Fabicovicova

Planner AV Your Day

Visage Simona Buchtova

Catering Signature Cathering

Cake, sweetbar Neco sladkeho

Cimbal Cimbalova muzika Dur

DJ David Macala

Stationary Maca grafika