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As a wedding photographer privileged to document the love stories of countless couples, there are certain celebrations that leave an indelible mark on my memory. Recently, I had the honor of capturing a Cyprus wedding of Maria and Giorgos together with my friend Tomas, and let me tell you, we had a blast! From morning Cyprus wedding traditions to the late-night party, we were there to soak it all in.


Destination Cyprus wedding at Lexeko Estate


Groom's getting-ready traditions


The wedding day began in Giorgos' parent's home that was full of friends and family members. The groom’s relatives, friends, and best man gathered to dress, shave, and adorn Giorgos.

It all started with the shaving ritual that symbolizes not just a fresh start but a commitment to the responsibilities of marriage. The red scarf blessing, another age-old custom, bestowed upon the groom wishes of good fortune and protection, setting the stage for the cultural odyssey that awaited.


shaving ritual Cyprus wedding tradition


At the end came the censer blessing, during which the bride and groom are blessed with a censer to protect against the evil eye. The parents bless the bride/groom by circling the censer around their head.


censer blessing Cyprus wedding tradition


Bride's preparations


Meanwhile, at Maria’s parents' house, preparations were underway. The house was as well full of people, the air was thick with anticipation.


Cyprus bride at Larnaca


Red scarf tradition and censer blessing filled the space with fragrant incense, symbolizing purity and sanctity and adding a touch of magic to the whole scene. And I was touched with all the emotions.


Censer blessing at cyprus wedding


Ceremony at the Holy Church of Saint Lazarus


Then we moved to the center of Larnaca to the Holy Church of Saint Lazarus, where the ceremony was about to begin.


Cyprus wedding ceremony at Larnaca


The ceremony, steeped in religious significance, unfolded against the backdrop of centuries-old frescoes and the solemnity of the church. I felt like I was part of this timeless love story, capturing every moment, all emotions.


Reception at Laxeko Estate


Fast forward to Laxeko Estate, Cyprus wedding venue, where the newlyweds and their guests reveled in the beauty of the surroundings. The setting sun cast a warm glow on the festivities.

Nature, laughter, and a whole lot of grooving - it was the perfect mix of tradition and modern vibes. With more than 800 guests, we were both pretty busy with our cameras.


Late-Night Party


As the day progressed into the night, the party kicked up a notch, and the dance floor became a stage for unrestrained joy. Maria, Giorgos, and their friends danced the night away. The laughter echoed, the music soared, and the moments became memories.


Wedding party at Lexako Estate Cyprus wedding venue


It all started with the first dance, and as a father of three kids, I was totally touched by the father-bride dance. But the best part was still to come.


father-bride wedding dance at Lexeko Estate


The night party was amazing, and I remember that we all partied the whole night, and it was not before 3 AM when Tomas and I were putting out our cameras and called it a day. We knew that we captured it all. But let me tell you, the couple and their gang were still going strong.


Here are a few photos from the day so you can see how awesome it was. If you want to check out the photos Tomas took, keep an eye on his website; maybe soon, this wedding will show up there too. 

If you're interested in having me photograph your wedding, just let me know. I'd love to travel anywhere to be a part of your big day.



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P.S.: I will show you more portrait photos from the beach that we took a day after the wedding in the next article, in a few days. 



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