Vineyard engagement photo-session

I've been capturing moments and emotions as a wedding photographer for almost a decade and it still makes me feel excited.
I would love to share this engagement photosession of Katia & Pavel. And this time I will try to describe you how I remember the moment of capturing the title photo which was in fact the last photo of the whole shooting.
It feels like yesterday. We were in a vineyard not far from Brno, sun was slowly setting down and I wanted to capture the last photo, which would incorporate all the sensations I had felt during that engagement sesson. Light, warmth, love, colours and happiness. I asked Katia and Pavel to stand behind the vines so I could use the depth of the environment to bring colours into the photograph and create natural vignette.
I chose the right lens to narrow a viewing angle that allowed me to get rid off all disruptive elements, so you can focus directly on Katia and Pavel. I asked them to turn a little bit so the sun would create beautiful rim light and then I asked them again to get real close and just be there for each other. And magic started to happen. It all fitted in one perfect harmonious picture.
I love my work so much! And moments like this are priceless. Moments where it is not only about clicking the shutter, but about the harmony of light, love, people, environment and the photography itself.
Enjoy these beautiful engagement photographs and if you would like to see yourself in one of these, give me a call. I will love to meet you in person.
And btw I've been looking forward to capture the wedding this May. We've been planning it with AV your day wedding agency and unfortunately because of the covid, we will have to wait one more year. But I still can't wait to have Katia and Pavel in front of my camera again. 


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