Pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague's Historical Center


Simone and Oleg’s Pre-wedding Photoshoot in Prague


It probably won't surprise anyone that as a wedding photographer, I absolutely enjoy photographing couples in love, especially when we are having fun the whole time and having the opportunity to use beautiful locations for the shoot as a backdrop.

The historic centre of Prague in particular offers a huge number of spots that can be used for both wedding photos and pre-wedding ones. 

And it is the pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague with Simone and Oleg that I want to show you today.


Prague prewedding photoshoot


Simone and Oleg's prewedding shoot wasn't planned too far in advance. Since their wedding had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, they decided to enjoy a prewedding shoot as a small substitute.

There were a minimum of tourists in Prague at that time, and for example, at Lennon's wall we were almost alone, which is something I've never experienced before.

We started the whole shoot in Mala Strana at the Virgin Mary under Chain church, where their wedding ceremony was originally planned.


Prague prewedding photoshoot at Lesser Town

When someone asks me how I choose locations for the shoot, it's really not that difficult. I like simplicity in my photos to highlight the couple I'm photographing. That's why, for example, all we needed out of an entire church was a wall and some shade to create cool photos.


Prague engagement photoshoot at Lesser Town


Afterward, we went to the aforementioned Lennon Wall, a colorful mural that symbolizes peace and love. The colourful rendition of the entire wall is perfect for taking playful and happy photos.

We were really lucky that there were hardly any people here during the Covid period. Normally there are always crowds of people at the wall.


Prague engagement photoshoot at Lennon wall

Perhaps no pre wedding photo shoot in Prague would be complete without photos from Charles Bridge, one of the most famous landmarks in Prague, where we ended the entire shoot.

The beautiful view of the old town is such a symbolic backdrop for many photographers.


Prague prewedding photoshoot at Charles Bridge

We had a great time during Simone and Oleg's pre-wedding shoot in Prague. From the historic church of Virgin Mary under Chain, to the vibrant colours of Lennon's Wall, to the Charles Bridge, it's wasn't far and we had a great time together. And I, as the wedding photographer, have since been even more excited for their wedding (which turned out to be a great party).

If you're thinking about a pre-wedding shoot in Prague, I highly recommend it, the Old Town is the perfect destination.


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