Wedding at Chateau Panstvi Dlouha Lhota




Chateau Panstvi Dlouha Lhota is a exclusive wedding venue located in the Czech Republic near Prague, and it's a popular destination for couples looking to tie the knot. 

Built in the 14th century, this historic building has been beautifully restored and maintained, offering a glimpse into the past while providing all the modern amenities required to make your wedding day special.

The chateau, surrounded by picturesque countryside, is a perfect location for a romantic and elegant weddingHistoric architecture and elegant setting make it perfect.


panstvi dlouha lhota svatebni misto u prahy




When it comes to the wedding ceremony itself, Panstvi Dlouha Lhota offers a range of options. You can choose to have your ceremony in one of the chateau's elegant ballrooms, in the beautiful gardens, or in the chapel, which offers a unique and intimate setting for your ceremony.

The chapel is decorated with frescoes and features a beautiful altar, making it a perfect location for a traditional wedding ceremony. A sample of the wedding ceremony in the garden can be seen below in the photos.


panství dlouhá lhota svatba svatební obřad v parku





For your reception, Panstvi Dlouha Lhota offers a range of options as well. The chateau's ballrooms, gardens, and terraces are perfect for large receptions, while the chateau's smaller rooms are ideal for more intimate gatherings.

If you plan big wedding party a garden wedding in a tent is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your special day. The natural beauty of the garden provides a picturesque backdrop for your ceremony, while the tent offers a comfortable and elegant space for your reception.


autumn colour palette of wedding table setup


The tent can be decorated with flowers, lights and elegant linens to match the garden setting, creating a romantic and intimate atmosphere.

A wedding in a tent also allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature while still being protected from the elements and you'll have the best of both worlds - the beauty of the outdoors and the comfort of an indoor space.

The chateau's experienced catering team can provide a range of delicious menu options, including traditional Czech cuisine and international favorites.


autumn vibes wedding table setup in panstvi dlouha lhota





Autumn is a beautiful time of year for a wedding, with the crisp air and vibrant colors of the season providing a stunning backdrop for your special day. And the grandeur of the chateau combined with the natural beauty of the season creates a romantic and elegant setting that is sure to impress.


bride and groom at autumn wedding at panstvi dlouha lhota in czech republic


One of the best ways to incorporate autumn vibes into your wedding is through the use of color. Incorporating hues of yellow, red, and orange into your decor will add warmth and depth to your wedding day.

For example, you can choose yellow and red flowers to decorate the ceremony space, like dahlias, carnations, lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and red roses.

To add to the autumn vibes, you can also include some natural elements like leaves, branches and pumpkins in your decor. These elements will add a rustic touch to the space and will help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


wedding ceremony at luxury chateau near prague


For the ceremony, consider holding it in the chateau's garden. The garden provides a beautiful outdoor setting with plenty of natural light, making it the perfect location for your ceremony. The garden's natural beauty combined with the autumn colors of the flowers will create a stunning backdrop for your photos.


bride and groom at wedding ceremony at luxury chateau near prague




When it comes to the photography, make sure to take advantage of the natural light and the beautiful colors of the season. Take some photos of the couple in the garden with the autumn colors in the background and in the chateau with the natural light streaming in through the windows.


bride and groom at luxury chateau near prague panstvi dlouha lhota


Especially the possibility to take pictures inside the chateau is not used much by photographers and it is a pity. Inside, you usually have more privacy to shoot and the photos can be more intimate, focused more on the two of you.


bride and groom in chateau panstvi dlouha lhota


Make sure to take advantage of the golden hour, which is the time just before sunset, when the light is soft and warm, to capture some beautiful, romantic shots of the couple.

The warm color of the setting sun, combined with the yellow and red leaves that are on the trees and on the ground, create a unique color palette that adds a beautiful sentiment to the photographs.


bride in white wedding dress with a long veil hugging a groom in black tie


If you then hang such a photo on your wall at home in a large format (don't be afraid of really large formats, 1+ meter), you will feel the warmth every time you look at the wall art.




In the following wedding photos we wanted to show all this, the beauty of autumn colours in the chateau park, wedding portraits inside the chateau as well as golden hour photos.

Even though it was shot in the second half of October, it was warm all day long and the colours of the trees combined with the sun was, in one word, beautiful.


bride in the white wedding dress from MAYA wedding salon


Whole concept was prepared by Prague wedding planner We agency together with florals designer Lenka Vykoukova. Wedding salon Maya provide a white wedding dress with long veil, which we wanted for the ceremony and garden wedding portraits.

A wedding veil adds a more intimate touch to the photos. If bride ask me if she should wear a veil or not, that she doesn't know if she want to wear it for the whole day, I advise her to wear it at least for a while for the photo shoot. It's totally worth it.

The groom was dressed in a timeless black Koutný suit. You can see the whole team few lines below.


bride and groom at panstvi dlouha lhota luxury czech wedding venue




In conclusion, Panstvi Dlouha Lhota is a beautiful and elegant chateau located in the Czech Republic and it's a perfect destination for couples looking to exchange their vows in a romantic and elegant setting.

With its picturesque setting, experienced catering team, and range of venues, the chateau is the perfect choice for a beautiful and memorable wedding. 


luxury bride and groom in czech republic chateau near prague


Panstvi Dlouhá Lhota offers accommodation for you and your wedding guests in double rooms of several types or in more modern designed rooms.

The chateau rooms with interiors preserving the period atmosphere can be found directly in the chateau building, while the modern rooms can be found in the chateau courtyard building Konirna.


portrait of bride and groom during their luxury wedding in czech republic


Now I want to thank to the whole team for perfect day and I'll be looking forward to see you all again.

And if you like the photographs and you would like to capture your wedding, let me know, I'm here for you.

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Wedding venue Panstvi Dlouha Lhota

Wedding Planner We agency

Videography Your life video

Florals  Lenka Vykouková

Visage Kristýna Dušková

Wedding dress Maya

Sweet bar, cake Aniny dorty

Lingerie Férovky

Suit Koutný