A magical post-wedding photoshoot in Vrtba Garden, Prague




Vrtba Garden, also known as Vrtbovska Garden, is an architectural gem designed in the 18th century by František Maximilian Kaňka. Nestled between Karmelitská Street and Tržiště Street, the garden is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Together with the other three Baroque gardens - Lobkowicz, Schönborn, and Vratislav - Vrtba Garden is one of the most precious of Prague's Baroque gardens.


wedding portrait at Vrtba garden Prague


The garden's design reflects the elegance and grace of the Baroque era, featuring symmetrical terraces, meticulously manicured hedges, ornate sculptures, and enchanting fountains.

The grand staircase leading up to the main terrace offers a dramatic entrance for couples, creating an immediate sense of grandeur and romance.


intimate wedding portrait in Vrtba garden in Prague


Away from the bustling city streets, the garden provides a tranquil environment where couples can feel comfortable and at ease. It is no wonder that the garden is a popular wedding venue, offering a dream wedding ceremony right in the center of Prague in a peaceful and romantic setting.


Margo and David's post wedding portraits in Vrtba Garden


Not so long ago, David proposed to his beautiful wife Margo at the Aria Hotel in Prague, right next to Vrtba Garden. Now, after their wedding, they are back in Prague to celebrate their love once more.

On this occasion, they decided that they would like to have post-wedding photos taken in that peaceful part of the Old Town Prague.


wedding at Prague Old Town Vrtba Garden


Enjoy their photos as much as we did enjoy the whole photoshoot and if you're thinking about having a wedding in Prague, a pre-wedding or a post-wedding photoshoot, let me know.


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