Best Times for Timeless Wedding Photos on Charles Bridge in Prague




Charles Bridge in Prague, a symbol of history and culture, rightfully cherished by tourists from all over the world. Like many visitors to Prague, most wedding couples who come to Prague to enjoy their wedding also want to have at least a few wedding photos on iconic Charles Bridge with a view of Prague Castle.


Prague castle panorama


However, taking breathtaking photos among the bustling crowds of tourists can be quite challenging. So when is the best time to take wedding photos on Charles Bridge and evade the masses who flock to admire Prague's panoramas?




Charles Bridge is located in the heart of Prague and has its unique charm at almost any time of the day. Yet, for those seeking solitude on the bridge for their photography, getting up in the early hours of the morning is key. 
By around eight in the morning, there are already quite a few people on the bridge, and by ten, there are crowds of tourists. Even during the evening, privacy for photography is also hard to find as the bridge remains bustling until late hours.
Photography during the golden hour is practically impossible here, unless you want dozens of strangers in your photographs.
Bride and groom at Charles bridge in Prague



That's why taking photos in the early morning hours is an ideal opportunity to get great shots. The calm atmosphere of the morning city is unique, and photographing in the first rays of sunlight has its unparalleled charm. 
TIP: The added bonus? The absence of tourists constantly wishing you well on your journey as a married couple allows for a truly peaceful experience, adding the final touch to your photography session. 
The disadvantage is that you have to be on Charles Bridge as early as maybe 6 o'clock in the morning and start preparing practically long before sunrise.
It's the same as, for example, in Central Park, in NY. If you want photos without people, you have to start preparing with a makeup artist around three in the morning to be in the park maybe by 5. 
bride and groom in Prague with Prague castle panorama
If the pre-dawn hours aren't your cup of tea, you can arrange with a photographer and try your luck with shooting around eight in the morning. Although the bridge isn't yet packed with crowds, success largely depends on choosing an experienced pro photographer who can navigate the surroundings adeptly and deliver exceptional results even during this timeframe.


bride and groom on Charles bridge in Prague

Timing is crucial when planning a photo shoot on Charles Bridge in Prague because the window of time for undisturbed wedding photo shoots is relatively short. So it's important to plan carefully and take advantage of quiet moments before the city comes alive. But for those once-in-a-lifetime photos, the effort is undeniably worthwhile. 
And as you retreat to your hotel after the shoot to have coffee and a proper breakfast, in case of this photoshoot it was Augustine Luxury Hotel Prague (highly recommended), the experience becomes truly magical, leaving you with a tons of memories and an entire day to explore the city. 
ONE MORE TIP: I would recommend. If you want photos from the morning Charles Bridge, consider scheduling the photoshoot on a day separate from your wedding.
Otherwise it could easily happen that instead of partiing through your wedding party, you'll want to go to bed early, and that would definitely be a shame. 
bride and groom in Prague
And last but not least, if you don't specifically need photos from Charles Bridge, Prague offers countless other charming spots without tourist crowds, awaiting discovery at any hour of the day.