Wedding party at Stodola Suška




I knew from the beginning that Pavca and Radim's wedding will be an unbelievable party. And I was right!

Stodola Suška barn was full of people and so was the dance floor. But let's get a little bit back in time.


I was looking forward to this wedding for several reasons:

1. I love big wedding parties and as I have already mentioned, I knew that this would be a great ride right from the first meeting with Pavca and Radim 

2. I knew there would be a lot of people I love to work with

3. and last but not least, I was looking forward to the Stodola Suška barn.


družičky v růžových šatech svatba stodola suška




I have to admit that before the wedding I'd never been to the Suška before, even though after 10 years in the wedding photography business some colleagues would not believe it's even possible, since Stodola Suška is widely known and is a really popular wedding venue.

So I was curious, because I've heard a lot of enthusiastic reviews to this great space over the years. I knew the place from someone else's wedding photos, but I just haven't had a personal experience yet.


nevěsta a ženich při západu slunce svatba kocanda kravsko




All the morning preparations happened at Kocanda Kravsko and what I can say is, that I am looking forward to be at a wedding there.

I love the place a lot, a lot of different hidden spots for great pictures and at the same time a beautifully open space full of flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees, into which the wedding festivities can spread and create the relaxed atmosphere.


ubytování a svatba kocanda kravsko


Kocanda is ideal for a relaxed summer parties, or maybe even better, a weddings in the second half of spring at the turn of May and June. It must be stunning, when everything is blooming.

And even better it is possible to have a wedding at Kocanda for up to 120 people, so you don't have to limit yourself a lot with number of guests and enjoy great time with all of your friends and families.




Do you know how beautiful the weather on the last weekend of September can be? When sun shines and you can spend all day in your shorts and shirt without feeling cold or hot, with a gentle breeze and morning so fresh, that you know this is going to be an amazing day? 

This is exactly what we wished for the wedding and we got it. Weather was perfect and it make it possible to enjoy the whole day for 150%.


svatba stodola suska kravsko jindrich nejedly photography


It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of a long description, scroll down a little bit and you will find about a few thousands words more. If the barn weddings are not for you, maybe just scroll through it quickly, but rest of you enjoy the photos.




I'm going to be honest here. After all those years as a wedding photographer, I'm not usually surprised during the speeches. Don't get me wrong, I love them a lot and especially reactions of the guests and bride and groom. But when you hear more or less the same, it doesn't surprise you again.

But it was different this time. The best man's toast totally got me and I almost cried laughing. 


svatební přípitek ve stodole suška


Often when someone asks what I enjoy the most at weddings, moments like this is the answer. People's stories and seeing how all of us can celebrate life, it's priceless. Creating stunning pictures and presenting them to my brides and groom are just icing on the cake.

The wedding is really not about taking photos, but enjoying the moment. I have been saying this for 10 years and the older I am, the more it pays.


nevěsta a ženich večerní foto svatba stodola suška


And last but not least I would like to thank to all of you who made their day so great.

Planner AV Your Day

Florals AMMI

Makeup Tereza Kudláčková

Hairstyling Petra Baráková

DJ Jirka Flaisig

Stationary Máca grafika

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