Wedding at Brno Old Town Hall | Tereza & Tomas




I want to share with you my experience at the beginning of the wedding season in 2024. It kicked off with the intimate wedding of Terka and Tom at the Old Town Hall in Brno. Surprisingly, our first wedding this year took place in early February. Despite the initially unfavorable weather forecast, everything turned out beautifully.

For those familiar with weddings in Brno, the Old Town Hall, particularly the Jewellery Hall, is a challenge for photographers due to its consistently low light. However, the ceremony was held there. Thankfully, Easy Wedding agency did an excellent job decorating the space. Although the conditions for photography were demanding, I have faced more challenging situations in the past, so we were well-prepared, and the first set of photos speaks for itself.

And you can look forward to a few more of those photos coming here in a few weeks.

I couldn't have asked for a better start to the wedding season in Brno. The atmosphere, despite the odds, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. Here's to more wonderful moments in the upcoming weddings!


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